Democrats Set Trap…Backfires in Their Faces


Democrats tried to get cute and set a trap, but it backfired and they fell in to it instead. Then there’s the blizzard of affidavits swirling around like snowflakes. On Tuesday, they tried to diffuse one of the more serious allegations by confusing the issues and discrediting the witness. It didn’t work.

Caught in their own trap

On Tuesday, election rigging Democrats fell into their own trap, aided and abetted by the mainstream network media. They tried to discredit claims made by a United States Postal Service employee in Erie, Pennsylvania. After they went public with false allegations, the whistleblower solidly fact checked their claims “FALSE.” The ones looking bad now are the agents with the Inspector General’s office who tried to intimidate the whistleblower into changing his story.

Richard Hopkins was terrorized in a back room interrogation session, after coming forward to rat out his boss for a scheme to back date mailed ballots the day after the election, then get them illegally counted anyway. He has a recording to back his claims too. Project Veritas is well prepared to refute the baseless smear allegations tweeted out by the Democrat-run House Oversight Committee. They dug a trap of their own.

Democrats in Congress tried to provide cover for the election-rigging scheme by throwing shade on one of the key whistleblowers. The committee’s official account tweeted out that “Hopkins ‘completely recanted’ his allegations.” That is a total lie and it appears to have been part of a carefully engineered “Trump trap.” The puppet network media spread the planted misinformation like wildfire. Now they will feel the heat for it.

A separate tweet

In a separate tweet, the committee falsely alleged “IG investigators informed Committee staff today that they interviewed Hopkins on Friday, but that Hopkins RECANTED HIS ALLEGATIONS yesterday and did not explain why he signed a false affidavit.” The Washington Post slanderously printed, “in addition to recanting his allegations in a sworn affidavit, Hopkins admitted to postal investigators that he fabricated his claims of voting irregularities.” The Post cites “three officials briefed on the investigation” who leaked. They didn’t know that Hopkins had a trap of his own. He was wired during his interrogation.

When Hopkins heard the way he was being lied about in the media, he called his Project Veritas contacts. They rushed to put out a video clarifying his side of the story and disputing the “breaking news.” It was a trap and Democrats caught themselves in it. Mr. Hopkins is shown on video, pointing out the Post article on his phone, saying, “I’m here to say that I did not recant my statement, that did not happen.” The Post’s sources lied. “That is not what happened and you will find out tomorrow, and I would like the Washington Post to recant their wonderful little article.”

He stuck with his story that he overheard one one of his co-workers asking their supervisor for guidance on what to do since he accidentally put the correct date on one of the ballots, instead of the previous day’s date, November 3. He also has evidence of “federal agents on the audio ‘coercing,’ ‘scaring’ the whistleblower to water down allegations.” Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe explains how the trap exposes that the “Post reporters behind the story have been played by the same federal agents on the audio ‘coercing,’ ‘scaring’ the whistleblower to water down allegations.” Twitter is trying to censor the video evidence now, “warning that the whistleblower’s claim ‘is disputed.'”

  1. Richard Hopkins may want to contact Mr. L. Lin Wood, Esq. and file a defamation law suit against the Washington Post. The Washington Post is no stranger to Mr. Wood.

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