Democrats Are Already Laying the Groundwork For Their Next Big Cheat


Now that the Imperialist Democrats have seized control of the executive branch and both houses of Congress, they’re digging in. Free and fair elections are a thing of the past, along with the Constitution. They just found a new and improved way to cheat.

Democrats dig up cheating scheme

Like grave robbers in the night, New World Order controlled Democrats have shoveled up a scheme to ensure they’ll stay in power forever. They want to allow vote counting to go on over a full 10 day span after each and every election.

There’s already a federal law that gives the globalists a core idea to work with. The sneaky idea is to “codify” it into law.

Like the good communists they are, the Democrats call their evil plot the “For The People Act of 2021” They use “people” the way it’s used in the phrase “People’s Republic of China.”

Helping out the blue collar workers is one thing, but now, the imperialist regime says its time for all good men to come to the aid of the party. So they can move on to the next phase of open borders global government.

The way the bill is written, it contains a really sneaky provision buried in the legalese where the Democrats didn’t think anyone would notice.

According to Conservative Brief, The cleverly written provision “prevents Congress from passing bills in the future that would prevent states from passing laws against the counting of ballots received more than 10 days after Election Day.”

Congress can’t stop them

What that means for Democrats is that if individual states, generally the liberal ones, want to keep counting ballots for more than a week after the election, then Congress can’t stop them. Nobody has forgotten that the “battleground” states in the twisted and controversial 2020 election changed their rules at the last minute.

After a swarm of activist groups and their well paid lawyers browbeat legislators and state courts into doing their bidding, the entire election was seemingly rigged to put Donald Trump at a serious disadvantage.

The writing has been on the wall in neon graffiti since long before the election. Conservative personality Mark Levin was all over it last November. Like a psychic, he gazed into his crystal ball and knew exactly what the imperialists would do. Now they’re doing it.

“Why did it take till 2 a.m or 3 a.m the morning after the election in 2016 to know who the winner is, but we’re still counting votes today?” The rules were changed not because liberals believe in good government. “They fixed the rules to help Democrats.” To Levin, “there’s more evidence of voter fraud than there was ever evidence of Russian collusion.”

Globalists like to ignore the evidence, so Levin asked them “where the hell were you the last four years?” Then he answers his own question with a prophetic statement. “You were nowhere. The Democrats want earlier and earlier voting and later and later counting.” That’s why Association of Mature Citizens is fighting the law.

“The legislation is carefully written to appear sensible but is in fact deceptive in its effort to assert federal control over voting in our respective states and to build a government record of individual American’s exercise of our God-given and Constitutional right of free political speech. In short, this legislation is ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing.’”

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