Democrat RIPPED for DESPICABLE Campaign Ad

Swalwell Ad
Photo via YouTube Video Screenshot

Failed presidential candidate Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) has reached a new low.

He just released a campaign ad pushing for abortion rights.

It is not only over the top, but it also goes out of its way to paint a rather aggressive and horrific image of police officers.

Too Much

Right now, for Democrats, it is all about abortion.

That is literally all they have to hang their hats on with this disastrous administration in place.

Swalwell released the video ad with the caption, “MAGA Republicans want women arrested for having an abortion. This is what that looks like. #LockHerUp.”

His video was not a hit with conservatives.

Conservative radio talk show host Larry O’Connor agreed with me, stating, “The only take away I get from this is Eric Swalwell has an incredibly insulting, despicable, hateful view of law enforcement.

“Eric Swalwell is a garbage human being.”

Brigitte Gabriel, the founder of the grassroots organization ACT For America, added, “Still waiting for Eric Swalwell to be investigated over his relationship with Chinese spy Fang Fang.”

Sadly, Swalwell can get away with this garbage because he is in a blue-dominated seat that usually laps the Republican candidate.

This dude is a clown show, nothing more.

Source: New York Post

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