Democrat Privilege: Party Girl Obama Daughter Handed Prominent Position

Democrat Privilege: Party Girl Obama Daughter Handed Prominent Position

In another case of Democrat privilege, the former First Daughter has been given a position on the writing team of one of Donald Glover’s first upcoming projects for Amazon Prime.

Party Girl Gets A Real Job?

Malia Obama is being recruited to work on a potential new series, tentatively titled Hive. The show is only in early stages of development at this time.

As former President Barack Obama’s daughter, it’s understandable that left-wing celebrities would be jumping for the chance to work with her. Hollywood fawned over the former president throughout his time in office, and after.

According to iHeartRadio Music News, “At 22 years old, Malia has already produced a pretty extensive resume in both television and film. She’s interned and worked on various productions, including Lena Dunham’s Girls on HBO and Halle Berry’s Extant on CBS. In 2017, Malia also held a brief internship with Weinstein Company just months before the #MeToo movement embroiled the company’s founder, Harvey Weinstein, in a flood of sexual abuse allegations.”

Past Scandals

Malia has been caught up in several scandals, including allegations of a drug-fueled night with Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden.

According to a report from Trending Right Wing, “Former President Barack Obama‘s oldest daughter may have been caught up in the Hunter Biden scandal. Pictures showing Malia Obama‘s credit card being used to cut lines of cocaine, and a picture of Hunter Biden having sex with a woman who has the same mark on her thigh as Malia, have resurfaced.”

Maybe the party girl is trying to become an adult with a real job, but does it even count if the only reason she was hired was because of her last name? We’ll see if she has the talent when the show comes out.

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