Democrat LIAR Was Just Caught Flushing Evidence


Democrats in general are huge fans of George Orwell. Anything you don’t like, erase. Imperial Leader Joe Biden’s latest addition to the Ministry of Justice, Susan Hennessey got with the program and started flushing evidence. She’s convinced that deleting her tweets makes them disappear. She doesn’t care about being caught at it because she told everyone it was coming.

Caught in the act

Susan Hennessey just got caught flushing all the evidence from her twitter account. It’s still out there on the wild side of the interweb but most Democrats aren’t smart enough to know how to look for it so they’ll never stumble across anything interesting on their own. She’ll be leaving her career at CNN as a legal analyst to do damage at the DOJ. That’s why, she tweeted, her “account was getting significantly more boring.”

She will “still have this account, in a personal capacity. But things will be a bit quieter around here.” Hennessey is “very honored to be joining the extraordinary team at the Department of Justice in the National Security Division.” CNN will still keep her on the payroll as an “inside source.”

She didn’t wait for the last minute to start the censorship. Ever since Biden was projected the victor in November her tweets started flying away. On November 16, she had a collection of more than 39,000 messages posted.

By the end of the month it was trimmed to 6,000. That’s about 15 percent of what she had been listing. Hennessey didn’t want to get caught up in anything controversial down the line in case she might land a gig with the administration, so she kept cutting.

Over Christmas, Hennessey was vocal in her opinions so collected a couple thousand new ones, bumping the total to around 8,000. She got back to work and canceled them down to 2,300 tweets in February. Between then and now, she really got drastic. She must have had her resume circling the beltway.

After all she is a Harvard Law graduate, which makes her popular with the globalists. She also caught a great job as lawyer with the Office of General Counsel of the National Security Agency before CNN discovered her and made her a star.

39,000 tweets gone. Poof!

Western Journal is scathing in their coverage of the twitter censorship maelstrom.

They report that by Monday, they caught on to the fact that Hennessey “had truly embraced voluntary simplicity, shedding all but 250 tweets. That’s essentially 39,000 tweets gone. Poof!”

You can still find them at places like the Internet Wayback Machine but Hennessey didn’t want to get caught in any of the controversies she weighed in on with her own biased personal opinions. They could end up as issues in cases she’ll be prosecuting and conflict of interest is a huge deal.

She was a convert to the cult of Trump-Russia collusion, believing that “Russia played a part in getting former President Donald Trump elected in 2016 and that Trump tacitly encouraged it.”

She was also convinced Robert Mueller had a case. She swallowed the load that “the Mueller report provided definitive evidence Trump worked with Russia to ensure his election,” without a single shred of evidence.

The Journal thinks she’s too dumb to know she’s already been caught. She’s “the kind of daft individual who thinks we’re all going to ignore those 39,000 deleted tweets in which she not infrequently said ugly things about anyone to the right of David Brock.”

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