Crazy Mask Karen Gets Taken Down By FBI

Crazy Mask Karen Gets Taken Down By FBI

The crazy mask Karens strike again! A woman on a Delta flight went viral for losing her mind at an old man who had taken his mask off to eat, and became so unruly that the FBI was called in to arrest her.

Video of the incident, which has been viewed millions of times, shows the crazy woman standing over an elderly man and berating him for not wearing a mask while he is clearly eating a meal.

The most ironic and hilarious part of the incident is the fact that she pulled her mask down to chastise him.

“Stand your a*s up!” the deranged woman screamed. “Stand your a*s up!”

“Sit down, Karen!” the elderly man fired back. “You’re a g*****n, Karen. Sit down!”

The two continue to argue back and forth for a few moments as the flight crew attempt to break up the situation, telling the woman to sit down and to put her mask on.

Then, all of a sudden, the crazy woman strikes the man in the face with her hand.

“Now you’re going to jail,” the man yells. “That’s assault. You’re going to jail. As soon as we get to Atlanta, you’re going to jail.”

“Karen!” the man adds.

Making matters worse, and continuing to show that she actually doesn’t care about COVID, she just cares about appearing morally superior, the woman then spits in the man’s face.

“Now you spit on me, now you’re double going to jail,” the man says.

“You f***ing piece of s**t,” the woman responds.

“Put your f***ing mask on!” the woman adds, despite the fact that she was not wearing a mask. “Put your f***ing mask on!”

The crazy woman has since been identified as Patricia Cornwall.

When the plane landed at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, police had already been called. Officers and Delta employees were assembled at the gate when the plane arrived.

WSB-TV reports: “Passengers exiting the plane told police that a passenger named Patricia Cornwall caused a ‘disturbance’ that led to the injury of other passengers and Delta employees.”

Police took Cornwall into custody, and later turned her over to the FBI.

Delta Air Lines has responded to the incident, releasing a statement to the Daily Mail that says the company has a zero tolerance policy for these types of incidents.

“Flight 2790 from Tampa to Atlanta was met by law enforcement after an unruly customer disturbance during flight,” the statement said. “Situations like these are rare for the vast majority of our customers and Delta has zero tolerance for unruly behavior at our airports and aboard our aircraft.”


Some of the responses to the incident included:

  • Jennifer Brett, editor at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “Here’s a great way to ensure you’ll never fly Delta again. Airlines maintain their own no-fly lists with folks like this in mind.”
  • Jack Posobiec, senior editor of Human Events: “I love this video bc it shows everyone very clearly these people dont care about health at all, they are mad with power over others.”
  • Pat Dixon, podcast host: “Unmasked woman punches, scratches and spits on an old man’s face for not wearing a mask while he’s eating.”
  • Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY): “Karen is saving the world…”
  • Kyle Bosch: “The amount of restraint that man had is truly unbelievable. Shame on @Delta for not intervening sooner. When will this mask nonsense end? People’s lives are in danger by lunatics and we’re at a tipping point. Throw out the damn mask mandates and let us decide for ourselves.”
  • Clay Travis, sports commentator: “This is the insane virtue signaling masking world Fauci has created. While not wearing her mask this woman strikes and spits this man for not wearing hers. And she thinks she’s the good person here!”
  • Garry Tonon, MMA fighter: “Imagine being upset because someone’s mask isn’t on, while you’re currently not wearing one, and getting so crazed over the situation you spit in a guys face … the irony is incredible.”
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