Crack Head Hunter Biden Decides to Go Toe-to-Toe With Don Jr…It Doesn’t End Well


Crack head Hunter Biden slithered out of hiding to show his face on the Jimmy Kimmel show Thursday night, doing his best to be offensive to the Trump dynasty. The host couldn’t wait to bait him into a comparison of himself to Donald Trump Jr. and the best he could come up with was to say that you’ll never find Trump Jr. crawling the carpet for pieces of Parmesan to vaporize.

Hunter goes crazy over Don Jr.

It’s no secret that Donald Trump Jr. holds Hunter Biden in complete contempt. Kimmel couldn’t wait to spark some ratings by grilling the son of the Imperial Leader, asking “if it drove him ‘crazy’ to hear someone like Donald Trump Jr. claiming that a double standard exists for the scrutiny the two receive.”

It “is wildly comical, that’s putting it lightly,” Biden replied. He’s cracking up over the thought that “Don Jr. would argue he would face criminal liability if he engaged in the same business Hunter Biden does.” That’s a reference to the Biden family pay-for-play scheme to sell access to “the big guy.”

Now that the Biden regime holds all the cards, they want to get on top of their Hunter Biden problem. They just can’t seem to make that pesky laptop full of emails and drug laced pornography, including co-stars from the Obama family, disappear.

Since they can’t deny that any of it exists, now they need to convince everyone it was all planted there by Rudy Giuliani and the Russians. It isn’t working but listening to Biden try to explain it away is hilarious.

The 51-year-old admitted addict is peddling his new book, freshly released this week. Hunter claims he tries not to think about the Trumps too much, it hurts the brain cells he has left. He told Kimmel he had “learned” to not “spend too much time thinking about the Trump family.”

Separately, he told the world “he probably wound up smoking ‘Parmesan cheese’ while scrounging through his carpet looking for crack.” Of course, Trump, Jr. wasted no time commenting on Instagram about that one. Biden admits, “I spent more time on my hands and knees picking through rugs, smoking anything that even remotely resembled crack cocaine.”

A treasure trove of emails

Then there was that other time where he went “for 13 days without sleeping, and smoking crack and drinking vodka throughout that entire time.” It was kind of like that when he lost track of his laptop, if he had a laptop.

It might have been just a hallucination. In any case, the FBI pulled a treasure trove of Hunter Biden’s emails out of it just before the November selection.

Ever since then people keep asking him about how much cash got funneled to Joe Biden from the cozy job he had on the board of directors for a gas company in Ukraine, Burisma.

The firm is widely “linked to corruption” and the Biden family is in the middle of it. Hunter admits that he’s currently under federal investigation. It’s okay, he laughs, it’s only supposed to be “focused on tax fraud.”

Burisma paid Hunter Biden “as much as $50,000 per month” which “created an immediate potential conflict of interest” because his father was the “point man” on US policy toward Ukraine, Senate Republicans report.

“Other emails on the computer showed” business deals with China which provided “a 10 percent share for ‘the big guy,’ who was later confirmed by Hunter’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski to be Joe Biden.”

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