Couple Decides to Steal a GOP Election Sign And Commit Assault, Now Somebody’s Dead


An important lesson for the day, when in rural America: trespassing, assault and theft are taken extremely seriously.  In Mt. Vernon, Washington a coupled decided to steal an election sign for GOP gubernatorial candidate Loren Culp, now a young woman is dead. And a homeowner is now charged with second-degree murder.

According to reports from local news station KING 5 News,

“Angela Conijn, 55, is charged in the death of Kamran Cohee, 32, outside Conijn’s home in the Big Lake area, just east of Mount Vernon.”

Conjin’s attorney has claimed self-defense, Cohee’s boyfriend Joshua Tryon who was an accessory to the theft contests that claim. Tryon claims that he and Cohee were driving home from sledding and pulled off the road in Mount Vernon, the let some air out of their tires for better snow traction. Tryon apparently saw a “Loren Culp for Governor” sign and stole it. The Daily Mail has reported that the sign was “believed to be in support of Donald Trump,” however, no other source supports this.

“I think I threw it in the back of my truck, and I hopped back in my truck,” Tryon said.

KING 5 News reported, “According to court documents, Conijn and her husband, John, saw Tryon take the sign and confronted the couple. ” John Conijn and Tyron reportedly began trading blows.
58-year-old John Conijn, thought Tryon and Cohee were “messing with their mailbox,” according to Undersheriff Chad Clark.
According to PJ Media,
Court documents revealed that , “the men both told deputies they got into a physical fight. The homeowner said he was chased back to the house, but the driver said he punched the homeowner through the open window of their truck.”

“Conijn said he confronted Cohee and a man about the sign. Moments later, a fight broke out, and Conijn claimed he was “chased back to his residence.”Conijn told detectives that Cohee and the man were beating on his door with a wheelbarrow.

Moments later, he and his wife Angela came back outside and Angela shot a gun “towards the end of the driveway where the vehicle was located.” The bullet hit Cohee where she was standing between the house and the car.”

“Your Honor, this is a case of self-defense and defense of others,” said attorney Brett Purtzer in Skagit County Court. “This is an absolute defense to the charges that are contained within there.” the Deputy Prosecutor has claimed that “By both accounts, the assault had essentially stopped by the time Ms. Conijn fired the weapon.”

Theft, Assault, Attempted Breaking-In-Entering

Let’s review:

  • Tryon admittedly Stole a political sign from the Conijn’s property.
  • John Conijn confronted Tryon in the midst of committing his crime and was assaulted by Tryon, (whether or not Conijn struck first is irrelevant as Tryon was in progress of a crime).
  • Cohee exited the truck to intervene.
  • Conijn claims he was chased back to his residence (Washington State Doesn’t have Duty to Retreat: State v. Studd (1999) and State v. Reynaldo Redmond (2003))
  • Both Tryon and Cohee began attempting to force entry by battering the front door with a wheelbarrow (thus justifying deadly force).
  • Angela Conijn in defense of her home  and injured husband fired several rounds at Tryon accidentally striking Cohee, killing her.

This would appear to be a viable case for self-defense meeting Washington States’ test of “reasonability” or at worst involuntary manslaughter. Please note this doesn’t represent the opinion of an attorney, just common-sense.

No charges have been pressed against Mr. Tryon for trespassing, theft, assault or attempted breaking-in-entry. Angela Conijn’s bail has been reduced from an original $500,000 to $250,000. John Conijn is charged with 4th degree assault.

Cases like this one and the well reported self-defense case of Kyle Rittenhouse are gaining greater importance as the Biden-Harris regime seeks to eliminate Americans’ capacity to defend themselves and their homes. With Antifa-BLM and other political violence escalating, something has to give.

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