Chuck Schumer Caught on Camera Discussing Trump’s ‘ERECTION’

Chuck Schumer Caught on Camera Discussing Trumps 'ERECTION'

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer made a serious, albeit hilarious mistake. The Democrat leader was caught on camera discussing Trump’s “erection.”

The 70 year old Majority Leader seemed to trip over his words during a January 22 speech on the Senate floor.

In a speech about the article of impeachment which is expected to be delivered from the House of Representatives to the Senate on Monday, January 25, Schumer said that the Senate would proceed with a trial.

“Senators will have to decide if Donald John Trump incited the erection,” Schumer said, before immediately correcting himself and adding, “insurrection.”

“It will be a fair trial. But make no mistake, there will be a trial and when that trial ends, senators will have to decide if they believe Donald John — Donald John Trump incited the erection — insurrection against the United States,” Schumer said, appearing to pause to catch his breath as he realized his mistake.

Twitter users found the mistake hilarious. One user wrote: “So, on the Senate floor, Chuck Schumer just said that senators must decide if ‘Donald John Trump incited the erection, uh, insurrection…’ Well, it WAS an uprising!”

One user spliced the video together with a clip of President Trump, which ended up being quite hilarious. “Donald Trump responded to Chuck Schumer’s erection!!!!!” he wrote.

Matt Walsh, of the Daily Wire, tweeted about the moment’s significance: “I am ready to declare ‘incited the erection’ the funniest political gaffe in American history. We should build a statue to Chuck Schumer to commemorate his achievement. The statue will only be from the waist up, though, to be safe.”

Another hilarious tweet read: “If you or a loved one has had an erection incited by… Donald John Trump then you may be entitled to financial compensation.”

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