Chilling Discovery Involving Biden’s DOJ


While the Capitol Police are reeling and backpedaling desperately after being caught essentially red-handed acting as Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s jackbooted thugs and raiding the office of Congressman Troy Nehls (R-TX), chilling reports have now come in that another Congressman representing Texas has found himself the subject of an unlawful search on behalf of the Biden-Harris regime. Congressman Louie Gohmert‘s office has reported that mail to the Texas conservative from his constituents was illegally opened with a stamp indicating it had been in the possession of the Department of Justice mailroom and had been X-Rayed as well. In one instance at least the letter had been delayed from reaching Gohmert… by four months.

CHILLING: GOP Reps Aren’t Safe Against Dem-Socialist Secret Police

In a statement, Congressman Gohmert revealed that at least two pieces of mail have so-far been subjected to this breach of the separation of powers between the legislative and executive branches of government. The Congressman wrote,

“It is deeply concerning that Legislative Branch mail is somehow being co-mingled with Executive Branch mail when we have completely different proprietary zip codes. We are separate but co-equal branches of government. Even if it were a mistake to deliver Congress’ mail to the DOJ, the DOJ has an obligation to immediately notify Congress and forward the mail without opening it.

It is gravely concerning that since Congressional mail is constitutionally protected under the Speech and Debate Clause of the Constitution, it could be routed, intentionally or not, through the highly partisan DOJ. This is felonious behavior.

Given reports breaking today of an Inspector General’s investigation being opened after another Republican member alleged Speaker Pelosi’s Capitol Police were in his personal office photographing his work product, the Democrat’s spying on political opponents appears to know no end.”

Like Rep. Nehls, Gohmert described a decidedly unsettling pattern of Speaker Pelosi taking unprecedented steps to intrude upon, monitor, and disrupt the work of Republican members of Congress. As one of the most conservative members of the legislature Louie Gohmert has frequently found himself a rhetorical target of the Democrats in power but what he has described rises to an entirely new level, one that would be ascribed to the Soviet Central Committee the KGB or FSB, not the US House of Representatives.

“The Speaker has already required offices to turn in names, dates, and times of our meetings, along with the purpose of the meeting, for our constituents to be allowed entrance into our office buildings to meet with their duly-elected member of Congress. Then, we are told, she has the Capitol Police doing opposition research that is catalogued for later use. We have never ever seen a Congress so partisan to such an unethical and illegal extent. The people behind this should be hoping and praying that they will not be treated in the same manner in which they are running roughshod over Republicans when and if Republicans retake the majority.”

Gohmert concluded damningly that the type of interference from the DoJ that his office has seen is in direct contravention of established legal precedents and Supreme Court rulings.

“The Supreme Court has made it clear that the Department of Justice cannot even use a search warrant to search a Representative’s mail and office.

We want answers to this outrage, not excuses. “

Rep. Gohmert also told Dr. Sebastian Gorka his story on his show: America First. What is certain is that should the Republicans retake Congress in November… a reckoning is coming.

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