Buttigieg SPILLS THE BEANS on Joe Biden… EPIC!


The left is hammering electric vehicles (EVs) right now.

For all the criticism Democrats give Republicans over the fossil fuel industry, the same can be said about the green energy sector.

Buttigieg all but admitted that rising gasoline prices are the plan to help Biden carry out that agenda to pay back all that campaign money he got during the election.

Suffer, Peasants!

Democrat campaigns were loaded with green energy money, which is why Joe Biden is working so hard to crush the fossil fuel industry.

The new narrative by Democrats is that with the rising gasoline prices, you should own an electric car.

Buttigieg slipped up during a recent committee hearing with Rep. Carlos Gimenez set him up perfectly, asking, “You would agree that the higher the price of gas, the faster you reach that parity?”

Buttigieg responded, “Of course, the more pain we are all experiencing from the high price of gas, the more benefit there is for those who can access electric vehicles.

“That’s why we’re hoping you and your colleagues might reconsider opposing the reduction of EV upfront prices and tax credits.”

Gimenez hit Buttigieg with a follow up, and it was clear in Buttigieg’s answer that he realized he had just screwed up royally.

Gimenez then tweeted out the soundbite with another comment blasting Democrats…

This was not the only bungle that Buttigieg had this week, either, also screwing up an interview on gasoline prices.

Buttigieg got baited on taking credit for falling gasoline prices but not taking the blame for them rising.

He was the second Biden official this week to fall into that trap.

Source: The Blaze

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