It’s unbelievable, and the silence from the Biden-Harris regime is deafening.  Iranian leaders have published an animated video (suggesting a ludicrous level of technological sophistication that Tehran can’t even dream of) that details and envisions an assassination plot against President Donald Trump at his Florida home, Mar-A-Lago.

The video’s graphics which are more akin to video game from about twenty years ago shows, albeit crudely President Trump and Fmr. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo being targeted and killed by both ground and aerial drones.

The video is entitled “Revenge is Definite” and carries heavy visual symbolism calling for the assassination of President Trump in revenge for the drone strike which killed the internationally known terrorist leader of the Iranian Quds Force General Qassem Soleimani.

 Iran Threatening Trump’s Assassination In Revenge For Soleimani’s Death

The Times of Israel reported. “The video mirrored a propaganda poster last year also showing Trump on a golf course, calling for revenge for Soleimani’s slaying.” In the video, the fictional operator of a drone system Iran couldn’t hope to field for several decades sends a text message to the President’s smartphone which reads in English “Soleimani’s murderer and the one who gave the order will pay the price.”…subtle.

In a statement published on Iranian site, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said,

“Martyr Soleimani is permanent, he is alive forever; Those who martyred him – Trump and his ilk – are in the dustbin of history and will be among the forgotten of history in the dustbin, but he is alive forever; The martyr is like this and his enemies will be lost and buried. Of course, God willing, they will be lost and buried after they pay the price for their worldliness.”

The video was reportedly the winner of a competition organized to honor Soleimani who has been named by the Ayatollah as a “martyr”. According to The Independent,

“Another post on Mr Khamenei’s English-language website, shows a smartphone with the word “retribution” translated into several languages.

“Those who martyred Gen Soleimani – Trump and the like – will be among the forgotten ones,” said a quote attributed to Mr Khamenei. “But Soleimani will live on forever. His enemies will disappear, but after having received retribution in this world for their crime, God willing.”

Thus far the Biden-Harris regime has made no mention of the repeated and ongoing threats made against President Trump and members of his administration and has only applied symbolic sanctions to Iran which amount to little more than sound and fury signifying nothing.

Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan said in a statement following the announcement of the sanctions. “We will work with our allies and partners to deter and respond to any attacks carried out by Iran, Should Iran attack any of our nationals, including any of the 52 people named yesterday, it will face severe consequences.” Clearly, Sullivan’s warnings are not credible to Iranian leadership.

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