Breaking: Things Take Drastic Turn in Middle East


Tensions between the Israeli military and Lebanese militant group Hezbollah are continuing to mount. On Monday, November 13, it has been reported that Israel launched airstrikes along the border, which has been met with Hezbollah releasing a statement that they have inflicted injuries.

This comes after Hezbollah fired anti-tank missiles towards Israeli troops near the western sector of the border. IDF has not yet commented on the incident.

This latest event marks an escalation in tension between Hezbollah and Israel, who have clashed in recent weeks.

The Lebanese organization also stated that they had launched two other attacks earlier Monday: a rocket attack on Biranit barracks and an attack on a position targeting Israeli troops in central sector of the border.

Though there has been increased violence between Hezbollah and Israel, it has so far stayed contained within these sectors, though international forces are attempting to prevent any further escalations.

This could change at any moment if either party decides to take more aggressive action against one another. If that does happen then we could very well see a full-blown war between two nations whose relationship is already strained at best.

The Times of Israel reported:

“The Israel Defense Forces says it carried out strikes against a series of Hezbollah sites in southern Lebanon, in response to rocket, missile and mortar attacks on northern Israel today.

The sites included Hezbollah infrastructure, compounds with weapons depots, and a command center, the IDF says.”

This is a developing story.

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