Breaking: Obama Family Tragedy

Obama Family
Obama Family

Barack Obama’s half-sister in Kenya had a little drama recently related to the protests over the taxes being raised.

Auma Obama had joined the protests along with her daughter.

At one point, things turned ugly and violent, with Obama and her daughter reportedly getting teargassed by police.

Protest Turned Violent

This is not America, where protesters literally can light the streets on fire and police don’t seem to care.

In countries like Kenya, protesting alone is usually enough of a reason for police to arrest you.

In this case, police were even arresting paramedics for treating protesters who had been injured.

It did not take long for this protest to go off the rails, with at least five people reportedly shot and killed, and dozens more injured.

Obama stated, “We are being teargassed. We have flags and banners. Nothing else, nothing else.

“These young people have nothing else, just flags and banners — the Kenyan flag.

“How can you tear gas your own people? Listen to them. Listen to these children — they are the future.

“They are 80 percent of our population — 80 percent — if they decided to turn against us they can, and that is what they are doing now.”

The Human Rights group Sema Ukweli has confirmed some of the deaths, but not all.

As the week progressed, reports surfaced that the government was going to back down off the tax hikes to quell the unrest in the country.

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