Breaking News: She’s Been ASSASSINATED

Crime Scene Police
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The Mexican political world is getting shot up… literally.

Yet another Mexican political figure has been assassinated.

This time it was Cotija Mayor Yolanda Sánchez.

She’s Dead

Sanchez was shot and killed right after the elections had concluded.

Mexico had just made history by electing its first female president, but that joy did not last long.

Local reports stated that Sanchez was ambushed, having been shot a total of 19 times by her attackers, so this was clearly an assassination.

She has had brushes with organized crime before, most likely the cartel.

For instance, after winning her first election in 2021, her office has been overwhelmed with threats, but she has never given in.

In 2023, she was kidnapped, then told that she needed to turn over security of the town to state police, who were apparently on the payroll of the cartel or whatever criminal organization had taken her.

Again, she refused, but she never asked for help from the federal government, likely because it also corrupt.

Sanchez is now the third mayor or mayoral candidate to have been assassinated in the last month.

Several days ago, another mayoral candidate was shot in the back of the head while campaigning and shaking hands with voters.

Several days before that, another mayor was shot and killed.

That is how Mexico works… you either fall in line with the cartel, or you spend your life looking over your shoulder and the moment you look away, you find yourself with a gun to back of your head.

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