Breaking News: Joe Biden Surrenders

Joe Biden Surrenders

Despite over a year of tough talk from Joe Biden and members of his administration, Biden has officially surrendered to the coronavirus.

Speaking before a meeting with some of the nation’s governors, Joe Biden said: “There is no federal solution. This gets solved at a state level.”

This is a huge break from the Biden administration’s previous stance on the COVID pandemic, as the federal government has seemingly made it their mission for the past year to crack down on the freedoms of the American people in a bid to fight the virus. The Biden administration has called for mask mandates, has instituted vaccine mandates on large companies via OSHA, and has proposed various other forms of legislation on a nationwide scale since Biden took office. The federal government’s beloved Anthony Fauci has also tried his hardest to control the COVID response of the entire country since the beginning.

But now, all of a sudden, Biden is giving up, and saying that there’s “no federal solution,” and the media isn’t even calling him on it.

According to Politifact’s Biden Promise Tracker, when discussing COVID on the campaign trail, Joe Biden promised: “I’m never going to raise the white flag and surrender. We’re going to beat this virus. We’re going to get it under control, I promise you.”

As of 3 p.m. on December 28th, well after Biden actually surrendered and said that the pandemic was the states’ problem, Politifact’s Biden Promise Tracker still rates that promise as “In the Works.” Of course, that should be no surprise, because the left-biased site claims that Biden has not broken a single one of his promises yet.

Joe Biden Surrenders

The fact of the matter is, it’s likely that Joe Biden won in 2020 based on this campaign promise. Whether you believe that fraud put him into office or not, it is definitely true that his COVID promises brought people to the polls. It is also true that COVID gave Democrats the excuse to institute mail-in voting, which caused a lot of the fraud, so regardless, COVID brought Biden into office. And now, Biden has surrendered to the virus. He has failed at the key promise he made to the American people. In doing so, he basically admitted that all of the unconstitutional policies that his administration has advocated for that infringed upon the rights of the American people were ineffective and were ultimately done for no reason.

Almost immediately after waving the white flag, Biden left for vacation, just as he did when he surrendered in Afghanistan.

Red State makes some excellent points in concluding their commentary on the issue, writing:

With that said, the White House doesn’t get to just throw their hands up and act as if they weren’t saying the opposite all year. Remember, the administration has repeatedly touted the federal government response, even telling governors such as Ron DeSantis to ‘get out of the way.’ Now that it’s convenient, Biden wants to throw it all at the feet of the states, though. While that may be the right move, the president only arrived at that position kicking and screaming. He gets no credit for his blatant attempt to skirt blame.

No, this is the man who told us he was going to ‘shut down the virus.’ No one forced Biden to claim Donald Trump was personally responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths or that he and he alone had the ability to tame COVID. That was his choice, and now he gets to live by the standard he set. More people have died of the coronavirus on his watch. He did not shut down the virus, and now he’s riding off to Delaware for the 31st time since taking office as if people won’t notice.”

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