Breaking: Major Airstrike Conducted


News has just come in that a building at the al-Shifa hospital, Gaza’s largest hospital, has been damaged by airstrikes, according to the general manager of hospitals in Gaza, Mohamed Zaqout. The airstrike caused deaths and injuries as well as destroyed solar panels that had been installed on the roof.

Al-Jazeera released photos of bloodstained wreckage inside the top floor and videos showing smoke rising from the building.

Osama Hamdan, a senior Hamas official, recently rebuked allegations made by Israel that missiles and rocket launchers had been located near a hospital in the Gaza Strip. In response to these claims Hamdan stated that Israel is attempting to destroy medical sector within Gaza in order to force Palestinians out of their land.

He then called upon UN to send an international committee to visit hospitals and confirm they are not being used by Hamas for any military activities as claimed by Israel.

The Times of Israel reported:

“Mohamed Zaqout, the general manager of hospitals in Gaza, claims that the roof of a building at al-Shifa hospital, Gaza’s largest, was damaged by an Israeli strike, resulting in deaths and injuries.

Speaking on Al-Jazeera, Zaqout says the strike killed displaced people who were sheltering on the top floor. Solar panels on the roof were destroyed in the attack, he says.

Yesterday the IDF released new intel showing Hamas using hospitals to carry out its operations.

Today a senior Hamas official denies such charges to reporters in Beirut. Osama Hamdan claims that a hole shown in a photo presented by the IDF spokesman is used for storing fuel.

This is a developing story.

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