Breaking: Democrat Leader ARRESTED, Massive Human Trafficking Sting


“Operation Ohio Knows” has been a wildly successful law enforcement effort to engage men soliciting sex or “johns” in order to arrest them for meeting up with victims of human trafficking. Three were arrested for meeting with minors, Fifty-one women were rescued and a total of 161 people were arrested. Among those clapped in handcuffs was Elyria, Ohio City Councilman, and Democrat, Mark Jessie. He is charged with misdemeanor solicitation of prostitution, he is currently running for a November re-election. Elyria is a small Ohio city roughly thirty miles outside of Cleveland.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost told a press conference Oct. 4th that those 161 arrested not only included the city council member but also a firefighter, a teacher, a professor and a home improvement contractor. Even a pilot, who Yost said makes more than $200,000 a year, was also arrested.

“He not only was purchasing sex, but he haggled and got the price down to $15,” Yost said.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, Jessie told the paper,

“I’m taking this very seriously and realize it’s an enormous mistake,”

The Ohio Democrat said that when he was arrested, “there was an immediate feeling of wanting to throw up and an immediate feeling of facing the consequences with my family and friends.” In spite of his near-admissions of guilt and expressions of regret, Jessie has pleaded not guilty, if convicted Jessie could be sentenced to up to sixty days in jail and a $500 fine. More or less a slap on the wrist for the 64-year-old Democrat. Because of his position in local government, a special prosecutor and visiting judge have been requested to handle his case.

The Chronicle reports that in spite of the scandal Jessie’s fellow Democrats are continuing to support him, while downplaying his serious moral deficiency as “a bad judgment call”.

“Council President Vic Stewart, D-at large, said Jessie made a bad judgment call, but said this shouldn’t be a reflection on his character. He said Jessie has been at the forefront of issues and campaigns, and he has dedicated himself to being a good Councilperson.

“He’s just been a stellar citizen and representative in all ways, Stewart said. “And he had a horrible lack of judgment.”

Stewart said Council members are standing behind Jessie. He also requested privacy on behalf of the family.”

Seriously, “a bad judgment call” is betting on the NY Giants or eating sushi you bought from a Chevron. This husband, father, and grandfather was arrested soliciting a prostitute during a sting operation to stop human trafficking. It seems that a startling lack of accountability now permeates the Democratic party from the top ALL the way down. And any lip service a city council like this pays to human trafficking victims should be considered as such. Disgraceful.

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