Breaking: 7 Charged in ‘Fast and Furious’ Weapons Trafficking


The wheels of justice turn slowly… but in Mexico, there is some SERIOUS lag-time. It has taken ELEVEN YEARS! But finally, prosecutors say that they have charged seven people, including high-ranking officials in the 2010 “Fast and Furious” weapons trafficking scandal.

The Attorney General of Mexico announced on January 9th that arrest warrants for these seven individuals were sought after “In accordance with the investigations carried out by the United States Department of Justice, the necessary information was obtained to establish said illegal traffic in firearms”. 

The announcement tacitly identified Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán Loera as the “leader of the criminal organization that was destined for the weapons.” El Chapo’s involvement in the scandal was all-but academic though, nobody is surprised to see it confirmed by Mexican authorities. Guzmán is also already serving a Life+30 years sentence at ADX Florence, arguably the most secure Supermax prison on the planet and Mexico isn’t getting him back. So what’s the big deal here? The ‘high-ranking officials are. And after Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador called for an investigation into Operation Fast and Furious in May of 2020 “ to shine light on this so that an action of this type will never be carried out again.” accountability seems to finally be coming.

According to a statement from the Mexican AG (translated),

“In the investigation carried out by the Special Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime (FEMDO), it was possible to establish the alleged responsibility of Joaquín “G” who, for a long period, was the leader of the criminal organization that was destined for the weapons. the arrest warrants against Genaro “G”, former Secretary of Federal Public Security; as well as Luis “C”, Intelligence Coordinator of said Police, and those who are confined in high security prisons, both in the United States and in Mexico.”

Mexican Authorities Being Held Accountable For Trafficking…FINALLY

Breitbart has filled in some of the blanks left by the somewhat vague AG statement, identifying “Genaro Garcia Luna, a former Public Security Secretary for Mexico who is currently in a U.S. prison awaiting trial on drug trafficking conspiracy charges.” as ‘Genaro “G”‘ and ‘Louis “C”‘ as “Luis Cardenas Palomino, a former top security and intelligence official in Mexico who has been in jail since July 2021 on unrelated charges.”

Ready for the kicker?

The Mexican Attorney General’s Office (known as the FGR) has also claimed that authorities here in the United States have been investigating the case as well, despite the ostensible end of the investigation back in 2018 and has “defined responsibilities” of American officials who were involved in the scandal.

This opens the question of whether additional charges may be coming for ‘high-ranking’ former Obama Administration officials… perhaps such as Fmr. Attorney General Eric Holder or Fmr. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano. Perhaps the family Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry whose murder threw open the door on the investigation and revealed the shocking corruption of the Obama administration will finally see justice served.

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