Breaking: 2 Arrested in Mail-In Voting Fraud


In Compton, CA, Democrat City Councilman Isaac Galvan and City Council Candidate Jace Dawson along with four others have been charged with election fraud in both mail in primary and a runoff race where Galvan defeated Compton entrepreneur Andre Spicer by a single vote. LA County Prosecutors have charged Galvan and Dawson with Kimberly Chaouch, Toni Sanae Morris, Barry Kirk Reed, and Reginald Orlando Streeter with two counts each of conspiracy to commit election fraud. According to The LA Times, “Chaouch, Morris, Reed and Streeter all voted in the primary or runoff for the Compton City Council’s second district, despite not living there.”

The LA County District Attorney George Gascón told the media in a statement,

“Elections are the cornerstone of our democratic nation. We must do everything in our power to protect the integrity of the electorate process and to ensure that elections are free and fair,”

Dean Logan Los Angeles County’s Registrar, the man in charge of their elections also said in a statement,

“These charges and the activities alleged in this case are serious and strike at a time when public confidence in our electoral process is in decline and misinformation about the security of voting is rampant,” Logan said. “At the same time, our referral and the District Attorney’s subsequent investigation and charges demonstrate that attempts to perpetrate fraud on the voting process are trackable and will be prosecuted.”

How Was The Mail-In Vote Corrupted? Exactly How You’d Think.

The most “secure” election method possible seems to have something of a flaw at least in one of California’s most populous cities: and it’s a human flaw. According to The Conservative Brief, “Isaac Galvan and Compton City Council candidate Jace Dawson worked together in order to help Galvan keep his district and Dawson was charged with attempting to bribe a registrar as she was counting votes on election night,”

Allegedly Galvan was conspiring with Dawson to direct voters from outside their district to cast their ballots for Galvan in the June runoff election. Both were arrested on August 13th and released on their own recognizance. Conservative Brief confirmed, “This is the second time Los Angeles County prosecutors have discovered attempts to manipulate mail-in voting in the 2020 election.”  Mr. Spicer, Galvan’s opponent who was “defeated” by a single vote told the media he had suspected foul-play and that his concerns were validated when a woman came forward to his staff with a confession that she had herself committed voter fraud.

“They asked her what do you mean? And she said … she registered to vote from his house and she knows about 20 other people who did the same thing,” he said. Now all of this was just for a Democrat Party Primary in Compton, how many millions of times could something like this have taken place in the 2020 Presidential election? One where far more people were involved and far more potent emotions prevailed. The concept that Mail-In Voting is “Secure” is officially a ‘dead letter’.



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