BOOM: Patriot Party Emerges in THIS State


They call it the “Patriot Party.” Something that’s been blowing in the wind for a long time is much closer to becoming a reality in Michigan. They’re so fed up with the traitors in the Republican party that they’re forming a conservative replacement of their own. While most conservatives understand and generally agree that RINOs did them in this past November, they aren’t sure this is the best way to fix the problem.

The Michigan Patriot Party

Zeeland, Michigan resident Brian VanDussen was thrilled to announce on Thursday that the Board of State Canvassers have approved his petition to form the Michigan Patriot Party. They could be on the ballot for the very next local election cycle.

After the total madness which happened last year, conservatives are furious with the GOP. Talk of a new party has been floating around for years but now folks are getting serious.

The original concept which was widely supported by deplorables nationwide is to form a “Trump” party where every member is a patriot. After the way the whole election seemed to be stolen away by Democrats right in the open under everyone’s nose, it has conservatives disgusted.

They lost all faith in election integrity and even worse, their supposed conservative champions not only let them down, Republican RINOs sold them out. “We felt like we were robbed, and so that pretty much broke the camel’s back,” VanDussen, a lifelong Republican, explains.

VanDussen isn’t the only conservative to grow “sick of the Republican Party.” Because Republicans “didn’t do enough to challenge the election results” he decided to found the “fledgling” Patriot Party.

He’s well on the way to collecting the required number of valid signatures. “We need somebody or a party that’s going to uphold the Constitution and protect the Bill of Rights. That’s what we feel is being eroded.” According to their website, “candidates will be required to take an oath to uphold their party’s platform, “completely, wholeheartedly and unwavering.”

Two conservative parties

While former President Donald Trump was thrilled and flattered that his deplorable patriot supporters love him enough to form an entire political party around him, he said “thanks, but no thanks.”

He realizes that no matter how badly broken the Republican party is now, the last thing we need is two competing groups of conservatives. That would play right into the hands of New World Order globalists working hard to cancel the Constitution.

When he took the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference in February, Trump busted that bubble. “They kept saying, ‘He’s going to start a new party,'” he acknowledged, but there’s a better answer. “We have the Republican Party. It’s going to unite and be stronger than ever before. I’m not going to start a new party.”

One thing that the Michigan Patriot Party will do is put heat on the GOP to clean house. While everyone knows two parties of conservatives will do more harm than good, nobody says we need to keep the old one. Especially when it obviously isn’t working.

That’s why VanDussen wasn’t discouraged by Trump’s speech. “It didn’t matter to me. I was still going to go the direction I’m headed in, and it’s because the Republican party has left me.” There are an awful lot of conservative Americans nationwide who agree.

They all want to know, “Why am I going to stick all these band-aids on something that’s still going to be the same old, same old?” VanDussen is only about 42,000 signatures away from making his Patriot Party a reality and he still has a full 180 days to get them. If “deemed valid,” by the Secretary of State, “they will be taken to the Board of State Canvassers for a final vote certification.”

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