BOMBSHELL Drops on Biden Climate Czar John Kerry

One of the biggest emissions contributors in the private sector is personal jet travel.

The numbers are staggering, actually, compared to commercial airline travel.

So, how can we possibly have a climate czar telling us all how far behind we are that not only travels by private jet but also has a private jet leasing business in the family?

The Numbers

When you start calling out Democrats for traveling by private jet, they all talk about purchasing offsetting credits and the urgency of their travel.

Some of Kerry’s comments on this front are downright laughable.

Well, he will have a few more questions to answer after this report.

Since Joe Biden has been in office, Kerry’s family has made 48 trips, logging more than 60 hours in the air.

That is the equivalent of 325 metric tons of emissions.

Kerry has stopped flying private in his role as Biden’s climate envoy, but he clearly has not stopped flying private during his own time.

Kerry wants to crush the fossil fuel industry and shut down traditional power plants immediately, and why do you think that is?

As entrenched as Republicans are in the oil and coal industry, Democrats are in the renewable sector.

The difference between the two is that fossil fuels are wholly reliable and green energy is not.

Ask anyone in Texas who is sweating it out right now because more than 10 percent of the state grid relies on wind power.

Or how about California, which goes through rolling blackouts because demand cannot be met every summer.

You know why Democrats are pushing green energy so hard?

While there are some true believers, most want the campaign money and lobbyist perks to keep rolling… it’s that simple.

Source: Fox News

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