Bloody Car Wash Shootout Frenzy Erupted


Fireworks erupted in Fort Worth, Texas and then things got really interesting in the wee hours. When two men started a shootout at a car wash, everyone had to get in on the fun. It seems that the only ones who got shot were innocent bystanders.

Just another shootout

Now that we’re back in those thrilling days of yesteryear with do-it-yourself justice thanks to Antifa® brand police anarchy, the Como neighborhood in southeast Forth Worth, Texas had an exciting Independence Day shootout.

Defunded police don’t have enough money to be real sure what happened but they did what they could to patch up bullet punctured victims and send them to the hospital.

Around 1:30 in the morning on a Sunday, two people got into an argument and eight other people got shot. Then there was a girl who got ran over but we’ll get back to her.

The Dallas Morning News gushes that the “victims were rushed to the hospital and are in stable condition thanks in part to life-saving measures taken by police officers.”

The way the locals describe the shootout, two men were arguing outside the car wash when “another person reportedly left, found a gun and returned, opening fire.”

That’s when “multiple people in the area then responded by returning fire.” Police Chief Neil Noakes can’t do much about the crime in his city but he’s upset the gang-bangers ruined the festivities for everyone else.

No suspects identified

“This is an extremely tragic event on what is supposed to be a festive occasion on Independence Day,” Noakes told the press. “We’re seeing way too much gun violence across the nation. We’re seeing it in Fort Worth.” It’s not the guns, it’s the criminal holding them but police aren’t allowed to do anything about them anymore. That’s why no “suspects have been identified.”

Welcome to the wild west where the law of the land is the gun in your hand and instead of the OK Corral the shootout happens at the car wash. Police did manage to find a “juvenile girl” who was “also injured when a car hit her as she was fleeing the scene.”

Because everybody scattered after the shootout long before the police got there, except for the ones too injured to move, nobody knows “if the original shooter was also hit by gunfire.”

As far as police can tell, “most of the victims appear to have been innocent bystanders.” One of the local residents, Anthony Johnson says things don’t usually get that out of hand around there.

Johnson lives nearby the location of the shootout and says “normally, the kind of party that happened that night brings people from everywhere.”

Another neighbor Lonnie Lambert notes, “he was standing on his front porch, and he said that he initially thought that what he heard was fireworks. However, a few moments later, he realized that those were not sounds produced by fireworks.”

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