Biden Stares into Space for 60 Seconds as Handlers Rush Press from the Room

Biden Stares into Space for 60 Seconds as Handlers Rush Press from the Room

After announcing a plan to help a major industry that is struggling, Joe Biden refused to answer questions about it, instead staring off into space as his handlers rushed the press out of the room.

During a meeting on America’s meat industry, Biden announced a $1 billion plan he is offering to small meat producers that he claims will help fight inflation in regards to skyrocketing meat prices.

The former vice president is blaming the rising prices on lack of competition and the tactics of large meat corporations.

Biz Pac Review reports: “Biden reportedly plans to take $1 billion from his American Rescue Plan Act to allegedly bolster independent meat processing companies. He is calling out the four top meat processing firms in the nation for trying to squeeze out their competitors.”

After the meeting, one of Biden’s handlers off-camera immediately stated: “We’re going to pause for a moment for the press to exit.”

Immediately, the room erupted with press questions, with reporters shouting over each other about COVID cases, testing, and asking clarifying questions about his plans regarding the meat industry.

Biden only had one response before shutting down: “I’ll be talking to you about that later.”

As the press continued to shout questions, Biden just sat there, creepily staring into space.


Some Twitter users commented on the video, saying that people were giving Biden too much credit. They argued that he was not staring into space, he was smirking.

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