Biden Secret Service Cars BURST into Flames…

Biden Secret Service Car
Photo via Fox News Video Screenshot

Conspiracy theorists are already having a field day with this one.

Was there an attempted hit that went awry on Joe Biden or is this just a very odd coincidence?

You know what Jethro Gibbs always said about coincidences… Rule #39.


Biden, as we all know, spent the weekend in Nantucket.

What most people do not probably know, however, is that the cars Biden’s security detail were using were rented from the local Hertz.

But if you were thinking about renting the car a president recently sat in, you can’t.

That would be because the entire group of cars that were rented by the Secret Service for the trip burst into flames not long after they were returned.

The vehicles had been moved to an overflow lot at the airport when they, for some unknown reason, burst into flames…

The airport released a statement on the fire, stating, “At approximately 5:22 am Airport shift staff observed an active fire in the rental car overflow area through the Airport’s Closed Circuit Television System.

“Staff activated the Alert system and responded to the fire in Airport-3, where they were met by responding units from Nantucket Fire Department and Nantucket Police Department.

“Combined fire resources responded and contained the fire. Several vehicles were damaged.

“The Airport is currently coordinating with rental car agencies and agency partners to ensure scene safety.

“There is no longer an active fire at this time: the Airport is open, and aeronautical operations are not affected.”

Rule #39… that is all I am going to say.

Source: Fox News

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