Democrats Desperately Searching For Biden Replacement


As Biden prepares for his campaign run for the 2024 Presidential Election, there are a growing number of people, both Republican and Democrat alike, voicing their concerns about the octogenarian’s age.

And not just his age…his cognitive ability as well.

Janet Rodriguez of Seattle told The Epoch Times that she believes “Biden is too old” and wishes they had someone different like California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Robert Wildermuth of San Diego shared similar feelings when he said he felt duped by Biden after voting for him.

Jon Caldara, president of the think tank Independence Institute, added to this discussion when he said that everyone should be concerned about Biden’s age given that he “carries the nuclear football” and may be suffering from mental acuity or dementia issues.

He also noted that Vice President Kamala Harris – who was likely chosen to succeed him if necessary – has been scarce since their victory and speculated it was an effort to avoid drawing attention to her role as successor.

Vice President Kamala Harris recently joined The Associated Press for an interview at the ASEAN Summit in Indonesia which sparked significant backlash due to her comments on presidential succession.

When asked if she feels prepared to take over her role as president should anything happen to Biden, Harris answered with an immediate yes – much to the dismay of many Americans who view her unfavorably according to FiveThirtyEight polls which show her disapproval rating sitting at 51%.

When pressed further on whether or not she feels ready for such an important job, Harris claimed that she sees how effective Biden is at making decisions every day while working alongside him in the Oval Office.

She then asserted that the American people ultimately want a president who delivers – something she believes Joe Biden does well – before adding a reminder about how all vice presidents must understand their potential responsibilities when taking their oath of office.

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