Biden Official ARRESTED

“Immigration Reform Leaders Arrested in Washington DC” by Nevele Otseog is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

How many times have we seen hate crimes that were nothing more than an elaborate scheme by some liberal or Democrat?

Well, it has happened again, and this time it is someone inside the Biden camp.

Former Biden appointee Taral Patel has been arrested in a social media scam for faking an account and posting online, making hateful posts against himself.

All a Big Hoax

Patel is a former Biden appointee in the Office of White House Liaison, as well as the White House Asian American Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Committee.

Ironically, he also served in the Department of Justice’s Criminal Division in the Public Integrity Section.

I guess that is where he learned all these cut little tricks he just tried to pull off.

Patel decided to run for the county commissioner post in Fort Bend County Precinct.

According to Patel, hateful posts were being made against him, having stated, “These hateful images (a small sample attached here) are from a place of deep and misguided fear – incited by people like former President Donald Trump, and today’s extremist Republican party fear that immigrants are ‘taking their jobs’ and setting out to hurt our own communities.”

Andy Meyers, his opponent in the race, noticed some oddities in the posts and asked to have them investigated.

When Google and Facebook turned over data on the suspect account, guess who it belonged to?

The Texas Rangers then showed up on Patel’s door to arrest him on charges of online impersonation in the 3rd Degree, which is a felony, and a misdemeanor charge for misrepresentation of identity.

Patel was held at Fort Bend County Jail, then released on a total of $22,500 bail.

Nothing to see here, folks, but another Democrat faking a hate crime to draw public sympathy in an election.

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