Biden Medical EMERGENCY – Removed from Stage

Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s senior moments are catching up to him and I am not sure how much longer Democrats can cover this up.

Everything was on the line this weekend at a massive fundraiser in Hollywood for Biden’s campaign.

By the end of the night, I am pretty sure most donors were wondering why they collectively just donated roughly $30 million to a puppet.

Not the Same Joe

There was a time when Joe Biden was an electric speaker, even if he stole words from other people.

Now, he is like that smelly old uncle who sits on the corner at family gatherings.

The man is not right, and at virtually every appearance these days, he proves that Democrats should be put in jail for elder abuse.

Events like this are much like dessert for dinner… the ending is the last impression that makes up your mind about how the entire evening went.

There was a line a mile long of Hollywood celebrities who got rich playing pretend and were sheltered from the very policies they were advocating.

Jack Black, Jason Bateman, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Jimmy Kimmel and many more sung the praises of Joe Biden at the event.

The attendees were also treated to a panel discussion hosted by Kimmel, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama.

As the event broke, the three men rose to thunderous applause, and then the real Joe Biden showed up…

Biden was frozen, as we have seen many times before, until Obama grabbed his arm and helped him off the stage.

That, my friends, is not a man who should be in charge of nuclear codes and negotiating with world leaders.

He clearly should not be dictating policy to our largest ally in the Middle East as to how it should be conducting its war against Hamas.

The next time someone tells you Joe Biden is “sharp,” show them that video and ask them to actually define the word.

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