Biden LIVID… It’s Going to Trial

Joe Biden

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) has been a thorn in Joe Biden’s side from day one.

His latest jab is filing suit to hold Biden accountable for funding both sides of the war between Israel and Hamas.

It would appear that even though Congress voted to suspend funding to United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), Biden has kept the aid flowing.

Can’t Do That

Jackson, a former White House doctor, has been very vocal that Biden should undergo testing to prove that he is mentally fit.

This time, however, he is going after Biden for circumventing Congress, again.

Jackson stated, “The law is clear that taxpayer dollars should not be funding Palestinian terrorism.

“This critical decision will help to hold the Biden administration accountable and ensure that the national security of the United States and Israel is prioritized over the illegal funding of terrorism with American taxpayer dollars.”

There have been reports that roughly 10 percent of the UNRWA staff has ties to Hamas.

In fact, there were numerous staffers that have been linked to the planning of the October 7 attack against Israel.

Yet, Biden continues to send money and aid to Palestine through UNRWA.

America First Legal senior vice president Reed Rubinstein explained, “Biden officials knew that by unlawfully overturning the existing Trump administration’s ‘no funds’ policy and violating the Taylor Force Act, U.S. taxpayers would end up subsidizing Hamas’s tunnels and missiles and the corrupt Palestinian Authority’s obscene pay-to-slay bounty program.”

It’s tough to win a war when you are funding both sides of the fight, and that appears to be what Biden is doing in this case.

It is even more frustrating that the mainstream media could seem to care less about it, as it is getting virtually no coverage whatsoever by news agencies.

I guess they figure they will treat this much the same way they did Biden leaving Americans behind in Afghanistan… don’t talk about it, and it does not actually exist.

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