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“Donald Trump Signs The Pledge” by Michael Vadon is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

So, we are going to have a little fun with this post and take a break from the serious nature of most of our reports.

Remember when the debate went off the rails for a few minutes, with Trump and Biden arguing over their handicaps?

Well, Vegas just posted the odds in the match, and they pretty much have this rated as Tiger Woods in his prime playing a high school student.

Trump the Big Favorite

BetOnline posted the initial odds, placing Trump as a massive favorite.

To win $100 on Trump, you would have to risk $3,300. And if you backed Joe Biden, you would get back $1,200 for a $100 bet.

The odds were not much better for the driving contest that Joe Biden said he could beat Trump in.

You would have to wager $2,500 to win $100 on Trump, and you would win $1,000 for a $100 bet on Joe Biden.

This part of the debate was funny but really had nothing to do with policy or this election.

Trump was merely using golf to show that he was still in shape and mentally strong.

Biden then claimed he had a 6-handicap, then he said he had an 8-handicap, and Trump responded, “That’s the biggest lie—that he was a six handicap—of all…I’ve seen your swing. I know your swing. Let’s not act like children.”

Biden then said he could also outdrive Trump, while challenging Trump to a match, as long as Trump carried his bag.

Now, I would assume that meant that Joe would be carrying his bag as well, which just about made me spit out my drink.

Joe Biden needed help walking down one step at the debate, so can you imagine this clown walking around a golf course carrying a full golf bag?

I think the over-under on his falls would be higher than the number of strokes he would lose to Donald Trump in the match.

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