Biden and His Hallucinations Become Viral News


After completing his speech on Thursday in Greensboro, North Carolina., Joe Biden can be seen providing a handshake to no one. The video of the event instantly went viral on social networks. When the event took place, the 79-year-old dementia Joe was at the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.

Biden looked lost on the stage as he bizarrely turned his back to the audience after his speech ended.

Prior to the handshake occurrence, Biden declared in his speech that he had actually functioned as a ‘complete teacher’ at the University of Pennsylvania in spite of never ever teaching a class there. This was rapidly gotten by social networks users and his challengers from the Republican Party, who revealed doubt about Biden’s cognitive capabilities.

See it with your own eyes, in the video listed below:

Responding to the occurrence, Harmeet Dhillon, previous vice chairwoman of the California Republican Party, questioned the location of the White House and Biden household handlers, ‘who are accountable for making him look great’. In her tweet, she included that this was unusual ‘unless they desire him to appear like a Dementia client’.

Oddly, Biden did the very same thing a couple of weeks ago:

Oddly, Biden did the very same thing a couple of weeks ago:

This comes as Biden’s appeal continues to be up to record lows. Current surveys reveal that his appeal is now at the most affordable point considering that he took the oval office in the heavily corrupted 2020 election.

More of Biden’s sinking numbers from The Telegraph report:

Joe Biden’s popularity plummeted to the joint lowest level of his presidency as a poll showed only 33 per cent of Americans approve of his job performance.

The figure in a Quinnipiac poll matched Mr Biden’s previous nadir in the same poll in January. In the latest findings, only 39 per cent said they approved of the US President’s handling of the Ukraine crisis, with 48 per cent disapproving.

It showed that 52 per cent of Americans believed the US should be doing more to help Ukraine fight Russia.

Previously this month, Biden had actually incorrectly mentioned that First Lady Jill Biden was Obama’s vice president, a post that he himself held. This took place during an event for commissioning Navy’s latest nuclear submarine.

Sources: WLT, The Telegraph

H/T Patriot Nation Press

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