AOC Begins to Show Her TRUE Colors


She’s a self-proclaimed socialist who states $174,000 is way too little of an income for members of Congress. Far leftist Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) claims it’s difficult for an “ordinary person” from a working-class or middle-class background to raise a household while operating in Congress, mentioning the wage as a source of issues.

The remarks appear to come from an Instagram story published by former Washington Examiner press reporter John Gage.

The Citizen Free Press reported that AOC aired a long list of complaints versus Congress, grumbling that the federal government is underpaid. For those like her who consider themselves to be working-class Americans, the Congresswoman has decided that the cash is insufficient.

AOC likewise explains that just 10 women have actually ever delivered while serving in Congress, calling it “a very hostile place to have a baby.”

Ocasio-Cortez complains that legislators pay $25,000 in labor expenses and there is no arrangement for housing or student loan relief.

The average annual pay in 2020 in the United States, according to the Social Security Administration, was $53,383 while the median annual salary was $34,612.

Factoring in the $25,000 disbursement, AOC and other “working and middle class” members still make almost 3 times the typical American wage.

She is likewise engaged to web designer fiancé Riley Roberts who some websites claims has a fairly high net worth.

This isn’t the very first-time Ocasio-Cortez has actually grumbled about not getting a raise. House Democrats in 2019 declined a proposed raise for congressmen over optics, as she grumbled the quantity wasn’t actually that high.

“It’s not even like a raise,”  the New York socialite stated of the proposed $4,500 raise at the time.

When she grumbles about making $174,000 a year, it’s uncertain whatever world AOC believes it’s suitable to live on.

It appears unlikely that Americans who are currently having a hard time economically at the supermarket and gas stations is likely to feel sympathy for the long-suffering legislator.

AOC regularly thinks that no matter just how much something costs, it will never ever suffice. It is not odd that she is upset about her pay.

Here are some comments from folks online:

  • “Have zero sympathy for a woman whose IQ is below that of a rock.”
  • “Since she’s such a GREAT politician, she should go back to Porto Rico. She could become “QUEEN FOR LIFE”, and finally take care of her poor abuelo that lives in a shack…”
  • “Brain dead AND whacky……..”
  • “Typical democrat, has no idea how stupid she is. Can’t read”
  • “Resign and go back to bartending and stfu”
  • “She’s “thinking” about procreating?? Oh, HELL NO!! We don’t need any more like her – – hell, we don’t need her in Congress!”
  • “This society whore has been bitching about her paycheck since her first day in office…
  • Peel this non-productive leech off the body of the American public that pays her payroll and stomp on her …”
  • “Try some insider trading like Pelosi. Or launder some foreign aid through Ukraine like most of them.”
  • “So says the boneheaded idiot who b!t(hed her way out of getting good paying, great benefits Amazon jobs for thousands of her constituents. She needs to shut the hell up, drop the complaining and her stupid, grandstanding, poor pitiful me history “lessons,” and start figuring out how to LIVE ON A BUDGET.”
  • “Cant afford gas, cant afford food, we sure as F&%K cannot afford an electric car. But AOC drives one!!!”
  • “Quit…you’re only screwing things up anyway…so do the Country a favor & QUIT!”

H/T Patriot Nation Press, Headlineusa, Citizenfreepress, WND

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