Another Truth Seeker Doctor Becomes Target of Deep State


Doctor Patrick Phillips, learn this man’s name because he is standing up for every Canadian who will not comply with the official party line the World Health Organization and Justin Trudeau’s increasingly authoritarian government. Rebel News, an extremely reliable independent media outlet in the frozen north has been covering Dr. Phillips herculean battle against the Canadian medical establishment for months. He initially raised concerns that his reports of adverse vaccination reactions were not making it into the Canadian Adverse Events Following Immunization Surveillance System (CAEFISS). After publicly raising the alarm Dr. Phillips along with Dr. Jean Marc Benoit found himself under investigation by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. Many saw this as a bullying tactic, but now it has been confirmed as much worse: it’s outright retaliation. CTVNews now reports that Dr. Patrick Phillips is facing a disciplinary hearing from regulators and they have imposed “interim restrictions” upon him “after he refused to co-operate with its investigation into allegations that he spread misinformation about the pandemic.”

“Never have I been more proud of myself than the day I decided to take a stand against our country’s medical tyranny,” he wrote Tuesday morning.

“Providing patients and the public access to treatments for COVID-19 and vaccine injuries and protecting them from medical coercion is not something I will regret.”

Every Doctor Who Dares To Speak The Truth, Becomes A Target

Dr. Phillips is facing serious potential consequences for daring to give his patients all of the information that he has on COVID19 and ensuring they can truly give informed consent. For upholding his oath as a physician he is being targeted by the state. He is facing the following restrictions pending a disciplinary hearing:

  • He is barred from issuing exemptions for COVID-19 vaccines, masking requirements, and testing.
  • He is prohibited from prescribing ivermectin, fluvoxamine, and atorvastatin in connection with the virus.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario has accused Phillips of being “incompetent in relation to his communications” about COVID. This probably has arisen from interviews that Dr. Phillips gave to outlets such as Rebel News over the last year. The good doctor has been vocally criticizing the COVID vaccine specifically due to the lack of reporting in adverse reactions and the deleterious effects of lockdowns.

According to CTVNews,

“The college alleges that between August 2020 and this month, Phillips engaged in disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional conduct in his communications regarding the pandemic, including on social media.

It alleges this includes making misleading, incorrect or inflammatory statements on COVID-19 vaccines, treatments and public health measures.”

It is now absolutely clear that anyone who stands against the COVID mRNA treatment aka “vaccination” mandate narrative is being targeted for retaliation, punishment, and coercion by the elites running the Western nations, from the US to the UK, Canada to Australia. Any medical professionals who dare speak out are finding themselves subject to fine, censure, termination, and even possible revocation of licensure. Even with this threat looming, Dr. Phillips isn’t stopping, and for that… this man is a hero.

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