Another Major Liberal Publication is Caught Lying Their A***** Off


The very moment that Glen Youngkin won his Republican nomination for the Virginia Gubernatorial race he became a prime target for the Democrat-Socialist “liberal” publications to start promptly lying about… and it didn’t take long. In fact, they didn’t wait at all, The New York Times started down this path weeks ago. Predictably they took their lead from the former Democrat Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe.

It started with Youngkin released his five step plan to restore faith in the electoral system.

Glenn Youngkin’s five-point election integrity plan is pretty consistent with what we’ve seen in Georgia, Florida and other legislative efforts to combat a repeat of 2020’s irregularities and restoring the shattered faith of the American people. According to his campaign website they are:

  • “Establish a politically independent and transparent Virginia Department of Elections
  • Update voter rolls monthly to provide accurate voter information
  • Strengthen Virginia’s voter identification in all methods of voting
  • Verify all mall-in applications and ballots are legitimate and timely
  • Ensure ballot counting integrity by requiring observer presence and the audit of voting machines”

“This is not a Democrat issue or a Republican issue, it’s a democracy issue,” Youngkin said in a statement. “Both parties have long raised concerns, and we must restore Americans’ faith in the integrity of our elections.”

McAuliffe was quick to mischaracterize Youngkin’s response to his constituency’s legitimate concerns as a “conspiracy theory”.

According to The Federalist,

“With the framing set up by Democrat mouthpieces such as McAuliffe, one of the New York Times’ political reporters used his position covering the Virginia race to create and spread falsehoods about Youngkin’s election integrity plan.

During the Virginia GOP’s governor forum, NYT political reporter Trip Gabriel live-tweeted that Youngkin said Dominion voting machines are “the most important issue we’re going to talk about.”


The trap was set. Later during the Virginia GOP Governor forum, a New York Times ‘reporter’ Trip Gabriel live-tweeted that Glenn Youngkin called the use of Dominion Voting machines “the most important issue we’re going to talk about.”

An Obvious, Lazy, Lying Tweet

Only, that isn’t what he said as the video below and transcript of the exchange demonstrate. This is low, even for the New York Times. When you’re chaining a thread of live-tweets, brevity is not completely necessary, it would be very simple to characterize Youngkin’s response accurately. However, that wouldn’t serve the leftist narrative, would it?

The precise question Youngkin was asked was:

“On election integrity: This was submitted by the Republican Women of Greater Richmond, Please explain in detail your plan to ensure we have an election integrity in Virginia and in particular if Dominion Voting Systems and machines are used on November 3rd 2021 will you immediately pursue an independent audit of the results when you are sworn in as Governor?”

Youngkin’s response was detailed and nuanced, and in no way suggests a conspiratorial bent or any sort of impunity of Dominion (deserved though it may be),

“Ladies and Gentlemen this is the most important issue we’re going to talk about right now. It was the first topic we raised in our candidacy. Our Election Integrity Task Force was launched week one.

This is not a Republican issue it’s not a Democrat issue. But remember Hillary Clinton complained like crazy “they stole the election from me”. Folks this is a democracy issue and we launched right out of the box five steps to restore our trust in our election process.

Number One, Our Department of Elections will be made independent and transparent. Number Two: The voter rolls will be updated every 30 days and if you have sadly died or moved away guess what? You’re not allowed to vote. You’ll actually have to show up for every election with a Commonwealth of Virginia issued photo ID.

This is not controversial, you need one to get a library card in Virginia! If you need a mail-in ballot you’ll fill out your, you’ll fill out your application and prove your citizenship and will be two signatures when you send it back in.

And finally those voting machines will indeed be tested before and audited within 30 days and it’ll be made public so everybody will know that this election was fair. Thank you very much. ” 

Disagreement is one thing, but this is pure lying by omission. It’s mischaracterization and deliberately deceptive framing. Par for the course from The New York Times and the mainstream media, but far too many people will never look beyond the hot take of a New York Times political reporter.

President Trump gave a statement endorsing Youngkin, which oddly made absolutely no reference to his election integrity plan, instead it focused on what a terrible, Clinton-puppet Terry McAuliffe was, President Trump wrote,

“Glenn is pro-Business, pro-Second Amendment, pro-Veterans, pro-America, he knows how to make Virginia’s economy rip-roaring, and he has my Complete and Total Endorsement!” Trump said in a statement. “Glenn is running against Bill Clinton’s longtime enabler, Terry McAuliffe. Terry McAuliffe was the Clintons’ bagman in more ways than one, from the cover-ups to the get-rich-quick schemes, and his deals with Communist China look suspicious. He was responsible for many of the problems Virginia currently has. Virginia doesn’t need the Clintons or the Communist Chinese running the state, so say no to Terry McAuliffe, and yes to Patriot Glenn Youngkin!”

Far better to stick with the truth, especially when its’ far more damning.

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