Alvin Bragg DEFEATED… Trump Scores Huge Win

Donald Trump
“Donald Trump Signs The Pledge” by Michael Vadon is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

We continue to see the impact of the Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity.

One of Donald Trump’s biggest worries was his sentence in the hush-money case, which was due to be announced on July 11.

Trump just managed to get that delayed, scoring a big win before the Republican National Convention.

Wait Them Out

It would have been an absolute disaster if Trump had been sentenced to prison or house arrest with Merchan ordering the sentence to be immediately imposed.

I have been wondering about that possibility since Trump was convicted.

Had that happened, Trump would have been removed from the campaign trail and he would have missed the Republican National Convention.

Trump had requested the sentencing hearing be vacated and pushed back so they could file appeals on having the verdict set aside due to the presidential immunity ruling.

Even though nobody believes that the ruling will impact the hush-money case, all parties agreed to move sentencing back to September 18.

With no objection from Bragg’s office, Judge Merchan ruled, “The July 11, 2024, sentencing date is therefore vacated. The Court’s decision will be rendered off-calendar on September 6, 2024, and the matter is adjourned to September 18, 2024, at 10:00 AM for the imposition of sentence, if such is still necessary, or other proceedings.”

The immunity ruling is not relevant because Trump was not president when the hush-money payments were made.

This is all about delays, as I have stated before, so Bragg and Merchan are more or less humoring Trump.

Having said that, if Merchan throws Trump in jail, it would be a shock because this is a “crime” that is generally pleaded out with a fine, penalty, and a nice rap across the knuckles.

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