Alarming: RINO Traitors Making Secret Deals


While most Republican lawmakers are standing firmly behind President Donald Trump and Constitutional rule of law, alarmingly, a handful of RINO traitors are reaching out to the forces of evil, making sinister back-room secret deals to sell out America.

Traitors to America

One thing is crystal clear at this point, Democrats and Republicans have polarized to extremes in a fight to the death over the U.S. Constitution and all that it stands for. While Democrats have long stood shoulder to shoulder in firm solidarity, time and again, RINO traitors in the Republican party have sold out their constituents to side with the New World Order.

Over the past few days, Joe Biden has “spoken to some Republican senators and Republican governors,” his future White House chief of staff admitted Thursday. “Joe Biden has spoken to Republicans.” Not just any Republicans, According to Biden’s new gatekeeper, Ron Klain, “He’s spoken to some Republican senators,” and a few governors too. They are extremely careful not to out the identities of their Senate sleeper cells. Klain, “would not specify who” reached out to Biden. After the coup to overthrow Donald Trump is over, the secret “private conversations with individuals” will be detailed. That won’t happen at all though, unless “both sides agree to readout the calls.” Americans want to know now what it is the traitors are hiding.

One thing that Trump supporting conservatives can bank on is that Mitch McConnell is not one of the Republican traitors who already decided to throw President Trump under the political bus, in exchange for a slice of the New World Order spoils. The Senate Majority Leader remains firmly in President Donald Trump’s corner. Biden’s flunky isn’t ready to take on that explosive issue yet. Not with election fraud lawsuits flying thick and fast across several states, and a lot of other things in play at the Pentagon. Besides that, “They obviously need no introduction to one another.”

Secrecy, ‘so what?’

With Americans on both sides of the aisle screaming for “transparency” especially with a highly suspicious election going on where some ballots are still being counted while others are being investigated for fraud. It seems even more fishy when Republican Senators, virtually tied for power with the Democrats in the chamber, are making secret phone calls. It makes them look like traitors. Biden’s aide, as related by The Hill, “defended the secrecy around which Republicans have spoken with Biden,” while confirming that the Democrat figurehead has been having “private conversations with individuals.”

He also admitted that Biden initiated a few of those calls but others were simply Republican in Name Only RINO rats turned into traitors, selling their souls to the forces of darkness for a few pieces of silver promised in the future. Conservative Americans are quick to point out that the Constitution has remedies for what is going on right now that have not come into play yet.

It’s no surprise that notorious RINO Mitt Romney would quickly cave in and accept a Democrat leader. He should already have a D after his name and it’s a wonder that the UTAH GOP hasn’t excommunicated him by now. Susan Collins of Maine was another RINO ready to jump ship in favor of alleged “president-elect” Biden. The other traitors are still unaccounted for.

One of the RINO traitors, Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma, has gone on record saying that if the Biden “transition” team doesn’t start getting classified briefings by Friday, he’s going to “step in.” The turncoat can step in anything he wants to but Joe Biden is still iced out of the White House and there is little chance that his fraudulent election mirage will ever solidify. At the same time, Pentagon shakeups and other clues point to impending national emergency being declared, along with martial law to restore law and order following the obvious insurrection which has been ongoing for years at this point and only getting further and further out of control.

  1. Biden said before voting that he had the most sophisticated fraud set up ever in the U S. I heard it from him on internet and have the picture which I can’t post here and have very little computer knowledge . I would love to get this picture of Biden saying this to President Trump but don’t know how.

  2. Yes now begins the complete and utter destruction of what we all hold dear. We will not even recognize this country. Thank you so much to the people who voted for this horrible regime, thank you for taking away all of my rights

  3. I see a revolution on the horizon. The democrat party will be the ones who caused it. We will never come to your side. A country divided also caused by the democrats. We Republicans are not racist as the dems. called us but in reality the left are the racists. Look at Pelosi. Schummer says he’s going to change the world if they get the Senate. Georgia don’t let that happen. If you do we will not recognize America. This is when the revolution will begin.

  4. A rhino are big pieces of SHIT that changes it stance depending on the amount of money they are offered ….RHINO = TREASONOUS TRAITOR!!!! REMEMBER JUDAS WAS JESUS’S TREASONOUS TRAITOR AND HE ONLY GOT 30 PIECES OF SILVER TO BETRAY OUR LORD AND SAVIOR !!!!!

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