5 Fast Facts About the Royal Family The MSM Won’t Be Covering


Prince Philip, duke of Edinburgh, earl of Merioneth and Baron Greenwich, Royal-Consort of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom passed away at Windsor Castle. According to Royal Palace officials the 99 year old Prince died “peacefully“. Rather than a state funeral, the Prince will lay in state at Windsor Castle and there will be a private funeral at St. George’s Cathedral, the English people have been discouraged from visiting the palace to pay respects but many hundreds have ignored the warnings and gone anyway, laying flowers for the well-loved husband of the Queen for seven decades.

Buckingham Palace said:

“It is with deep sorrow that Her Majesty the Queen announces the death of her beloved husband, His Royal Highness Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.”

“His Royal Highness passed away peacefully this morning at Windsor Castle. The royal family join with people around the world in mourning his loss.”

The statement said “further announcements” will be made in “due course”.

What The Mainstream Media Won’t Say

Prince Philip’s ultimate cause of death has not been disclosed by the Royal family, and many in the mainstream media merely point to his extreme old age. In most publications his health was described as “robust” with a few medical issues common with age. He even continued to drive until he was 97 and an accident at Sandringham palace led to a minor injury to the other driver (a broken wrist), Philip had to be helped out of his Land Rover but was unharmed but shook up enough to give up the wheel.

None the less, the Duke of Edinburgh was hospitalized on Feb. 16th where he was treated for an infection and underwent a heart procedure and left the hospital a month later on March 16th according to USA Today. But here are five interesting facts:

  • Philip was treated for a chest infection in 2008.
  • The Prince had a pre-existing heart condition and underwent a coronary angioplasty with a stent in 2011.
  • In June 2013 he was admitted for exploratory surgery to his abdomen and treated for an infection.
  • Both Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth II had received COVID19 vaccinations 9 January 2021 and publicized their injections widely in the hopes of convincing reticent Brits to do so as well.
  • Philip’s health began to sharply decline a matter of weeks later.

All of this begs a genuine, earnest and respectful question that no-one in the media seems willing to ask: Knowing the Prince’s pre-existing heart condition and propensity to suffer secondary infections, is it possible that his vaccination against COVID19 contributed to his death? Now correlation doesn’t equal causation, but why isn’t anyone asking?

A Few Fun Facts About The Royal Consort Prince Philip

  • Prince Philip and his wife share the same great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria making them third cousins.
  • He was born to the Greek Royal family which was deposed… repeatedly, most recently in 1967.
  • His mother Princess Alice of Battenberg, was congenitally deaf and at the age of 45 was diagnosed with schizophrenia, which she strongly protested. After being exiled from Greece, the princess joined the Greek Orthodox Church, going on to found a nursing order of Greek Orthodox nuns according to Aleteia.com
  • On a small pacific island of Tanna, Vanuatu villagers worshiped Prince Philip as a god, seeing him as the son of the ancestral mountain god. They celebrated his birthday as a feast day and prayed to pictures of him…. seriously.
  • Philip’s uncle Lord Louis Mountbatten was assassinated by the IRA who bombed his fishing boat in 1979. He was the last British Viceroy of India and was known as “the man who gave away India”.
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